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We strive to connect printing and packaging companies with their trading partners. By conducting various online and offline activities, we aim to help our customers

Expand the production with the right suppliers

The supply chain is an important link with the company's customers. Therefore, it is not easy to find the right supplier for your business.

e-Print&Pack will help businesses to be accustomed to sourcing your supplies from anywhere and advise businesses on the common criteria used to evaluate suppliers.


Explore new domestic as well as overseas markets

Expanding abroad can be a great way to grow your business and explore new opportunities. We can help organizations expose new ideas, management techniques and marketing strategies that you would otherwise have missed out on by staying put.


Select the right technology for new development

We will help businesses choose the right technologies that can drive the software product to become successful, enable easier development, and leave room for future scalability as well as update and maintenance.


Solve business’ current bottlenecks with the right industrial solutions

We will support business to know more about some technologies that are best suited to your production and business situations to solve business’ current bottlenecks.


Look for potential overseas investors

Angel investors can be a great help for starting your business and angel investors is becoming an essential part of building and growing any business. However, finding the right angel investors for your business isn’t an easy task as it requires lots of dedication, time, and effort to find the one.

We will therefore accompany businesses in the process of approaching and succeeding in securing money from angel investors.


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ePPKonnect is the first printing and packaging community platform powered by e-Print&Pack company. We are thankful for the valuable support of the Vietnam Packaging Association (VINPAS) and other professional trade associations.


Printinfo 22.2

PrintInfo 22.2 is a professional information site for the printers - packagers. Available are the latest news, trends, cutting-edge technologies and some useful business tips. Further, it would help to better understand e-Print&Pack's ecosystem and current activities.

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In collaboration with our partners, e-Print&Pack offers customized consulting services to help printing and packaging companies:

Conduct accurate assessment of the current state of their enterprises

Improve their business efficiency

Maximize their production capacity and optimize their business activities

Furthermore, e-Print&Pack also assists businesses in finding equipment and materials that best meet their needs.